Pure Turkish Bath and Beach Towels

$21.00 $42.00


Material : 100% Turkish Cotton

Size : Approximately 39’’x62’’. The size can change (+/- 10%) since it is a loomed product. 

Why to use Turkish Towels

- Highly absorbent
- Quick dry
- Take up less space
- Eco-friendly; need less water and detergent
- Soft, light and thin
- Traditional, fashionable and elegant

    Where to use

    Home / Bath / Spa / Sauna / Hammam / Gym / Yoga / Pilates / Beach / Outdoor

    How to care

    Machine wash, cold. Tumble dry, low. It will get softer and more absorbent after each wash.

    100% Cotton Turkish Beach and Bath Towels for your family. Light, soft, ultra-absorbent and eco-friendly towels take less space in your beach bag.

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